Axia Prima Sejahtera, PT is an Indonesian company that seriously providing security systems / technologies and equipment of technologies products with high quality, reliable and world class standard which are provided by several big countries leadin g in security system & equipment products such as Germany, USA, Canada, Denmark, South Korea, RRC, Japan & Taiwan.
Whether you need security system for your company, our people will give advice and assistance through planning, consultation, supply, installation, training, 24 hours and 7 days a week support after sales service down to contractual maintenance and on call service. Your problem on security system will be response faster by a team of engineers and professional technicians who are experiencing in security technology for more than ten years and have advanced training both in country and overseas.We also endeavor to provide consistency high standard of security system products and project management for both private and public sector clientele.

Be a trusted and dependable solution provider in security systems and information technologies products with international quality standard.

To the Customers
Provide solutions in security systems and technologies products, with premium quality and dependability. This is supported by optimized thinking and working toward best service and customer satisfaction.
To the Employee
Nurturing highly professional leaders striving for the companys sustainable growth and for employees welfare trough the implementation of : Conducive working environment, Conducive working environment and Fostering individual development that is geared toward responding to challenges and cohesive teamwork, Comparable, performance-based compensation of scheme, and career development path that provides equal to all employees.
To the Share Holder
Professionally manage the company to become financially strong and to ensure sustainable growth in sales and profitability. Provide long-term, competitive return to the shareholders.