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Posted on: 2013-09-27


model HN-465RB
Mechanism : 1.5 Kw Motor.
Hydraulic Pump.
Extra Heavy Duty solenoid valves for reliability and safety In operation.
Approximate running pressure 25 bar.
Approximate maximum running pressure 80 bar.
Tank Capacity 30L
Tank Accessories Visual temperature & external tank indicators.
Pump protection Low oil level, High oil temperature, pressure gauge.
Filtration 10 micron on breather and return.
Motor protection thermal and over current protection.

Power failure: Option of remaining raised or lowered In the event of power failure.
Manual raised with hand pump.
Manual Lowened with high pressure ball valve.

Fire Alarm: Connection to Fire Alarm - option available to automatically lower in
the event of fire alarm activation.

Interface: Can interface with most access systems.

Duty Cycle: 100% .

Operating speed: 3-4 seconds approximately.

Power: 380V / 3 Ph / 50 Hz, or to suit country requirements.

PLC Control Voltage: 220V AC / 24V DC.

PLC Logic Voltage: 24V DC.

Delivery: The Roadblocker is delivered in two elements - Blocker and Secured cabinet.
8 Meters of hydraulic hose per blocker.

Accessories: Traffic lights, card system, transponder, transmitter, keypad
acceptors, touch card, push button.

Safety/ Security: Option of inductive loops and photo beam.
Option of security cover to prevent unauthorised access to hydraulic systems + Electric.

Durability: Will operate after light impact.

Specification: Width x Height ( 4000mm x 650mm) .
Weight ± 2000 kg.
Surface protection main Roadblocker structure fully hot dipped Galvanized.
Warranty unit includes 18 month warranty parts and labor cost on material
and workmanship, exclude freight and travel expenses.