Review Product
Posted on: 2013-09-16

ES40/ES41 Series Positioning System

Product Features :
• Receiver, Pan/Tilt, and Enclosure with Integrated Optics Package (IOP)
or Pressurized Integrated Optics Cartridge (IOC), NTSC/PAL
• Day/Night, 540 TVL, Autofocus, 128X Wide Dynamic Range (WDR),
Motion Detection, Image Enhancement, and Electronic Image
• Integrated Window Wiper with Configurable Delay and Shut-Off
• Preset Positioning Accuracy ±0.1, Variable Speed Pan: 0.1° to
100°/Sec with Proportional Pan
• Window Blanking, Multishaped
• Internal Scheduling Clock
• On-Screen Compass, Tilt, and Zoom Display
• Autotracking
• Tilt Range of +36° to –85° from Horizontal
• Password Protection

Pelco’s ES40/ES41 Esprit
® SE Positioning System features a
receiver, pan/tilt, enclosure, and either an Integrated Optics Package
(IOP) or a pressurized Integrated Optics Cartridge (IOC) in a single,
easy-to-install system. Options include IOP or IOC models with or
without wiper.
For a wide range of applications, the ES40/ES41 Series offers a high
resolution, color/black-white camera (540 TVL) with an infrared cut
filter, 432X zoom (36X optical, 12X digital), electronic image
stabilization, and wide dynamic range. A powder-coated, aluminum
construction makes the ES40/ES41 Series ideal for either indoor or
outdoor applications. The system has an absolute operating
temperature range of –45° to 50°C (–50° to 122°F). Within two hours
after power-up, the entire unit can de-ice and be operational from a
temperature of –25°C (–13°F).



The ES40/ES41 Series variable pan and tilt speeds range from 0.1 to
40 degrees per second in manual pan mode, and 0.1 to 20 degrees per
second in manual tilt. Pan preset and turbo speeds are 100 degrees
per second in wind speeds of 80 kph (50 mph) and 50 degrees per
second in the 145 kph (90 mph) wind-speed profile. Tilt preset speed
is 30 degrees per second. The ES40/ES41 Series is capable of
360 degrees of continuous pan rotation. The tilt range allows for
horizontal viewing of +36 to –85 degrees. There are 256 configurable
preset positions with a preset accuracy of 0.1 degree

The ES40P/ES41P system’s IOC contains dry nitrogen pressurized to
10 psig, which protects the environment inside the cartridge
eliminating internal condensation and corrosion. Sensors
strategically placed in the cartridge send an “Alert” message if
changes in pressure, temperature, and humidity are beyond factory-
set acceptable limits. The sensors also allow for instant on-screen
display of temperature, pressure, and dew point. The IOC is factory
assembled and installed in the ES40P/ES41P systems. All labor
intensive procedures of setting up the camera, lens and charging the
unit with dry nitrogen are eliminated. The miniature size of the
cartridge decreases the future need for maintenance and increases
the overall reliability of the pressurized unit.

  The ES41 Series includes a window wiper. The wiper is completely
integrated into the enclosure and does not interfere with the viewing
range of the system. The wiper can be configured to delay between
wipes and to automatically shut off after a specified period. The wiper
design also allows for easy replacement of the wiper blade. A built-in
heater, window defroster/defogger, sun shroud, and insulation
blanket are standard features on the ES40/ES41 units, which also
include open collector auxiliary outputs that function for two seconds
before deactivating.
The systems are available with an input voltage of 24 VAC or with a
selectable power source of 120/230 VAC. The ES40/ES41 Series also
has a power-up recovery mode that allows the user to specify what
operation the system will resume whenever the power is cycled.