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Posted on: 2014-07-02


Endura is the ideal video management system ( VMS) for mission-critical surveillance operations requiring around-the-clock monitoring and unwavering reliability. It provides the tools security and IT professionals need to effectively safeguard people and property. Customizable permission settings and unlimited user profiles enable access for multiple stakeholders, driving greater return on security investment across your enterprise.

Endura IP VMS features
> Ability to support thousands of analog and IP cameras
> Ideal for attended surveillance ( keyboard, virtual matrix)
> Unlimited user profiles to serve multiple stakeholders
> Redundancy for mission-critical reliability
> Broad integration to other building and security systems
> Maximum recording bandwidth per server is 250 Mbps with 64 Mbps playback
> Unlimited storage expansion
> Equipped with RAID 6 recording

New SM5200 features
> Stream Endura video over low bandwidth connections
> Web browser support for administration, viewing, and export
> Ability to easily share video with multiple stakeholders
> Realize greater business value via easier access to video