Review Product
Posted on: 2014-07-02

• 280 Mbps to support IP and analog video
• Supports up to 128 IP Camera Streams; up to 64 Analog Cameras
• Optimized to Support Pre-Installed DS NVs Software
• Records H.264, MJPEG, and MPEG-4 IP Streams
• Supports Pelco and Third-Party IP Cameras and Network Encoders
• Expandable by Networking an Unlimited Number of Servers and
Encoders ( Dependent on Available Network Bandwidth)
• Compatible with DS ControlPoint for Simultaneous Monitoring of All
DS Series and DX Series Products in a Single Client Interface
• Network Health and Event Monitoring Support Through Simple
Network Management Protocol ( SNMP) and New Digital Sentry
System Information ( DSSI) Utility
• Compatible with the DS Archive Utility
• Recording Rate Configurable per Individual Camera
• Support for DS DataPoint Integration