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Posted on: 2015-04-21

MicroEngine xPortalNet v1.5

Controller with Modem and LAN enable Multi-Workstation Software Management System
(suitable for large organization that intends to integrate the security system with their existing system like HR System)

xPortalNet Features

CCTV Integration
Tightly integrated to MicroEngine’s line of DVRs for viewing and capturing purposes. DVRs and CCTVs will be shown on the floor plan to ease identification and management.

Alarm Monitoring
Supports up to 512 inputs / 256 outputs / 256 LED Mimic outputs with event programming. User notification can be achieved through client applications, email and SMS for maximum flexibility.

Lift Controller
Control of up to 96 floors per lift. Supports multiple lobby implementation for large scale projects.

Time Attendance
Comprehensive configurations to allow the maximum flexibility in shift and allowance settings. Supports multiple and overnight shifts. Allows for further customisations to suit customer’s requirements.

Visitor Management System (VMS)
Integrated VMS module to enable tracking, control and recording of visitors.

Floor Plan
Comprehensive floor plan control to enable easy viewing and control device of status.

Multiple Workstation
Supports multiple workstation using distributed architecture. Users can login from any workstation on the network via the client application or the web browser.

Web Server Support
IIS6 / IIS7 with ASP.NET allows user to login using the web browser from any part of the world.

Multiple Connectivity
Devices can be connected to the Server via RS232, RS485 or via LAN / WAN. Supports up to 1024 doors.

Mobile Device Support
Allows user login through mobile devices using the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework.