Official Website PT. Axia Prima Sejahtera

Axia Prima Sejahtera, PT is an Indonesian company that seriously providing security systems / technologies and equipment of technologies products with high quality, reliable and world class standard which are provided by several big countries leadin g in security system & equipment products such as Germany, USA, Canada, Denmark, South Korea, RRC, Japan & Taiwan.Read More..


Spectra IV SL Series

Spectra® IV SL Series was designed with ease of installation and ease of maintenance in mind. Each dome system consists of three components: a back box, a dome drive, and a lower dome. These three system components are interchangeable with other Spectra IV dome systems, making retrofitting and application adjustments simple. Also, dome drives and lower domes can be removed and replaced reducing maintenance time.Read More..


Collective Heat Detector

The heat detector FDT181C is a collective detector. It is used for fire detection inside a building and particularly suitable for use in places where other types of detectors are not suitable because they can be misled by the smoke, dust and gas generated during work there.Read More..

  • "Reliable Product - Incorporates key state of the art global technologies and siemens high quality standard "

    - Cerberus ECO FS18 , Maximum Protections

  • "Smart Design - For simple installation, maintenance and operations."

    - Cerberus ECO FS18 , Maximum Protections

  • "Quick and accurate programming via PC or on panel with large 320 x 240 pixsel LCD Monitor."

    - Cerberus ECO FS18 , Maximum Protections

  • "Menu options with multi-language operations are designed as Windows for easy operation and fast."

    - FC1861, FC1862, FC1863, Fire alarm controller

  • "Compact design, prefabricated, microprocessor-controlled fire control panel for connection of up to 126 addresses"

    - Cerberus PRO FC721, Fire control panel

  • "Emergency Power Supply for up to 72 hours of emergency power."

    - Cerberus PRO FC721, Fire control panel